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Mats Carlsson

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Name:Mats Carlsson

Born in 1956. Married, with four children. B.Sc. in Computer Science, ~1981, Uppsala University; Ph.D. in Computer Systems, 1990, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm; Docent in Computing Science, 2009, Uppsala University. Joined SICS in 1985, where I lead the CPS group. Awarded (with ISL) Chester Carlson’s Forskningspris, 1991. My research activities include:

  • engineering of sequential and OR-parallel Prolog systems, including SICStus Prolog
  • engineering of finite domain constraint solvers
  • engineering of algorithms for global constraints
  • applications of constraint programming

I am site contact of the SICS Uppsala Office (see photo in upper left corner of the background). My professional training includes Russian. From time to time I perform interpreter or translator functions on a free-lance basis.




Symposium on Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages

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